About US

BreeJo’s Pizza and Pub is owned by Brian and Ann DeBoer. Prior to purchasing the restaurant, Brian was a Plastics Process Engineer by day, in addition to being a Real Estate Broker, and Ann worked for Hopkins Public School at night. They really did not have much time with each other due to their demanding work schedules. So, they needed a plan!

After searching different avenues to take in the food industry, they found out that Russo’s Pizzeria Bar & Grille was for sale. This was great because Brian had known the Russo family for many years. After some serious consideration and a lot of prayers, they decided to take the leap. Brian and Ann purchased Russo’s Pizzeria Bar & Grille in October of 2019.

After an exciting start to their new venture, the world was hit with the COVID pandemic in March of 2020. It turns out that it was not the greatest time to be a restaurant owner! The industry was hit hard and so was the new business that Brian and Ann had purchased. They would continue to struggle to keep the business alive throughout the rest of the year and into 2021. Through all the struggles, lessons were learned, ideas were had, and a new course of action was decided. It was time to rebrand!

The Russo’s menu was huge and a bit overwhelming and not set up to allow for any sort of profit, especially during the pandemic. Brian and Ann decided to redo the menu, removing low selling items and unprofitable items along with adding new items the community could get excited about. They also added an Ice Cream Parlor. In May of 2021, a new restaurant was born… BreeJo’s Pizza and Pub!

Why the name BreeJo’s? Brian and Ann’s oldest daughter is named Brianna. They call her Bree. Their younger daughter is name Jordan. They call her Jo. Hence the name BreeJo’s! Brianna’s favorite color is purple, and Jordan’s is blue. Their favorite colors were incorporated into the logo.

Brian and Ann are passionate about providing the community with a great place to eat with great food! They are also extremely thankful to the community for standing by them through the hard times and continuing their support through the great times!


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